Big Interview - Free Resource Available to NSCN Members
Big Interview offers an on-demand and simple-to-use job interview training system that combines both expert-developed lessons and the ability to actually practice, all from your home computer. This tool is being used in several states to help job seekers of all ages improve their interviewing skills.

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Please read the information below from an NSCN member who had a great Big Interview experience:
"I just want to let you know how helpful the Big Interview mock video interview tool is.  I found out yesterday that I had a Skype interview today and wasn't sure how to prepare. I have just started getting a lot more active in my job search and this was only my third screening interview.  The 2 others which occurred a couple of months ago did not go well...I ran some mock interviews yesterday evening and it really had an impact.  When I started the process, I felt that I would not hire myself after watching myself on the video.  I kept practicing until I saw an improvement and liked the results.   In any event, I had an HR screening interview this afternoon that went really well.  I actually had the interviewer laughing and by the end of the interview [and] she volunteered that she would pass my resume along to the hiring managers.   
So I just wanted to let you know what a useful tool Big Interview is and how valuable all the support and the job tools at New Start have been for me.  Now I know that getting past the screen is not the same as closing the deal, but it definitely was a confidence builder to feel like I was prepared and had some control over the process."

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