Fiesta in America - Homebased Job Openings

Fiesta In America is looking for people, either approaching retirement or are already in retirement, interested in augmenting their fixed incomes.

Job Title: Independent Account Solicitors (will hire as many as possible)
Location: Homebased - conducted via emails and phone calls

The position is in marketing and sales on behalf of Fiesta In America and the core duty is to generate sponsor, exhibitor and advertiser leads and to conduct follow-ups among U.S. companies with stakes in the Asian American consumer market. Their New York office will close the deals, and perform billing and other administrative work.

Although the compensation is commission-based, it can supplement the earnings of adults aged 45 to 65+ while they are in the comfort of their homes, and while keeping work hours that they themselves will set.

The earnings potential is best seen through these numbers:

* A 20% commission from the lowest sponsorship level ($5,000) yields a commission of $1,000. The same commission rate from the highest sponsorship level ($65,000) yields a commission of $13,000. There are four other levels in between. There are no quotas.

* A 20% commission from a regular exhibitor booth ($1,850) yields a commission of $370. There are higher exhibitor rates, depending on the booth size and location. The Meadowlands Expo Center accommodates more than 120 booths (8ft. X 10ft. each). There are no quotas.

* A 20% commission from a full-page print ad in the event's magazine ($800) yields a commission of $160. There are no quotas.

All the candidates would need is a phone and Internet access. Marketing and sales experience is certainly a plus. Fiesta in America will provide the materials that will help business prospects make informed decisions about taking part. They will supply a list of initial targets that they are unable to solicit due to lack of manpower (they have three solicitors in New York, one in New Jersey, one in San Francisco, and four in the Philippines). They will also provide training as well as the introductory email and phone "pitch."

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF FIESTA IN AMERICA: The nonprofit event is a two-day expo and cultural show anchored on Filipino American culture. The core features are a Trade Pavilion for products and immigrant-tailored services, a star-studded concert, a native Food Court, free health screenings and small business workshops, and a Children's Pavilion. Fiesta In America will mark its 22nd Anniversary on August 15 and 16, 2020 at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, its home for the past 19 years. Dependiung on the popularity of performing artists, attendance averages around 5,000 mostly Filipino consumers from New Jersey, New York, and five peripheral states. Aside from AARP, other sponsors past and present include AT&T, Citibank, Direct TV, Goya Foods, Hackensack Meridian Health, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Philippine Airlines, the Philippine Tourism Promotions Board, Verizon, and Western Union.

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