Try This 20-Minute Weekly Project to Turbocharge Your Job Search

Use a personal newsletter to jumpstart your career!

A few weeks ago, we shared this article in our NSCN Facebook Group on how to use a weekly personal newsletter to jumpstart your career and shared this example from Austin Kleon, a writer and artist. NSCN member Helen took up the challenge and created her own newsletter using the free version of Mailchimp. You can see it here.
When it came to creating the newsletter, Helen told us, "Once I got going on it, it was actually kind of fun to create something on my own and write about what interested me. I did a little every day so it wasn't once and done, and that also made it comfortable too. It changed my focus during my day and, in a way, it also gave me more of a sense of confidence or purpose and identity, especially as I'm still figuring out how best to connect to my interests to find a meaningful work opportunity and not just finding any old job."
Take a look at the article and examples and consider creating your own newsletter. It's a great way to stay focused in your industry and occupation and to keep learning. It can also give you more interesting discussion items for networking conversations.