Big Interview - Free Resource Available to NSCN Members
If you're prepping for an interview, check out Big Interview, an online, simple-to-use job interview training system that NSCN makes available free to members. Features include:
  • Virtual Practice Interviews - Industry-specific practice interviews at varying levels of difficulty, from easy to challenging. These include behavioral/competency-based questions from 140+ industries, with constant updates to reflect the latest trends in hiring. You record your answers through your computer webcam and can share your interviews with a coach or colleagues for feedback and suggestions. 
  • Rating and feedback options to help improve your skills. 
  • In-depth Video and Written Learning Curriculum developed by top interview trainer, Pamela Skilling. This includes a first 90 Days curriculum to ensure that you're successful in a new position. 
To create your Big Interview account and start using the tool, follow these instructions:
  • Go to our Big Interview site here
  • On the Big Interview member site, click on the green Register button and sign up, using the signup code 0850. 
  • You will have to create an 8-character password, so be sure to save it in a safe place for future log-ins. 
  • Once you're logged in, you can check out the video/written tutorials and other features to get started.

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