Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Unemployment Updates
We've received a number of questions from job seekers about the CARES Act and its impact on unemployment benefits. We're working with the NJ Department of Labor to schedule a Q&A session and will provide details once we've been able to confirm. (Please remember you can submit questions to NSCN here.) 
Yesterday, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman did a Facebook Live session with NJ Commissioner of Labor Robert Asaro-Angelo that you can view here

Here are some highlights:  
For individuals filing new claims:
  • There is no waiting week.
  • There is an additional $600/week payment that will be sent automatically as a separate disbursement from your UI check. You do not need to do anything additional to receive this payment. 
  • UI has been extended an additional 13 weeks past the initial 26 weeks currently available. 
For individuals who have exhausted their unemployment previously:  
  • the NJ Department of Labor is working with the US Department of Labor to determine who would be eligible for extended unemployment benefits. As soon as this has been clarified, we will share this information, as well as how individuals would claim extended benefits. 
For individuals who are self-employed/gig workers:   
  • The CARES Act has expanded unemployment benefits for some self-employed and gig workers. The NJ Department of Labor is working with the US Department of Labor to determine eligibility requirements and how these claims should be processed. Once this guidance is finalized, we will share this information. 
For additional information on filing for benefits visit  My Unemployment and be sure to check out the special COVID guidance prior to filing a claim.  The NJ Department of Labor also posted an update here.