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While the economy is improving overall, 4 in 10 of New Jersey’s unemployed job seekers – over 125,000 individuals – are long-term unemployed, meaning that they have been unemployed for over six months. In fact, New Jersey has one of the highest long-term unemployment rates in the country.


Three-quarters of New Jersey’s long-term unemployed have actually been out of work over a year, and about half of them are over the age of 45.
Research has found that the longer a person is out of work, the harder it is to get a job. There is evidence that employers prefer job candidates who are currently working or who only recently became unemployed to those who have been out of work for extended stretches, even when the individuals have relevant experience.  Being an older job seeker can also be challenging. Yet there are few resources specifically designed to assist older long-term unemployed workers.

The New Start Career Network is designed to help fill this gap. Operated by the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University, the NSCN’s resources include:
  • INFORMATION and advice about the labor market, careers, and education and training options delivered via a dedicated website and tutorials that enable individuals to make wise choices and improve job search skills
  • COACHING through peer-support networks and job clubs and via a volunteer job coaching corps
  • INCENTIVES that encourage employers to provide trial employment opportunities and on-the-job training for long-term unemployed job seekers
  • EMPLOYER ENGAGEMENT and commitments from employers to reform hiring practices, building upon initiatives undertaken by the White House and AARP
  • ACCESS and referral to a broad range of services, including education, training, mental health counseling, and financial advising, through a network of strategic partners.

If you are a long-term unemployed New Jersey resident who is 45+, are willing to volunteer as a job coach, or are an employer that wants to learn more about the NSCN, click on the appropriate hyperlink below.

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