What We Do

Operated by the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University, the New Start Career Network’s (NSCN) resources include:

  • shutterstock_128556761.jpgINFORMATION and ADVICE about the labor market, careers, and education and training options delivered via a website and tutorials that enable individuals to make wise choices and improve job search skills
  • COACHING through peer-support networks and job clubs and via a volunteer job coaching corps
  • INCENTIVES that encourage employers to provide trial employment opportunities and on-the-job training for long-term unemployed job seekers
  • EMPLOYER ENGAGEMENT and COMMITMENTS from employers to reform hiring practices, building upon initiatives undertaken by the White House and AARP
  • ACCESS and REFERRAL to a broad range of services, including education, training, mental health counseling, and financial advising, through a network of strategic partners