From partnerships to job fairs, the New Start Career Network provides an array of opportunities for New Jersey employers to connect with qualified, talented, and competent job seekers.

Annie-Sez-39.JPG“HR professionals must take the lead in addressing our historic long-term unemployment challenge…It’s time for some of us to begin thinking differently. In one of the toughest economies the United States has ever seen, unemployment on a candidate’s resume is more of a white flag than a red one. Employers must be able to recognize the human capital potential in the ranks of the long-term unemployed.” 

Henry G. (Hank) Jackson, SHRM’s president and CEO, 2014.

As the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) notes, human resources professionals recognize the benefits of drawing on the skills, experience, and talent from all segments of the labor force when recruiting. However, research has found that job seekers who are long-term unemployed are frequently excluded from consideration even when they have the skills, experience, and credentials that would make them good candidates for a particular position.  

The New Start Career Network is engaging with employers and employer associations in New Jersey to raise awareness of the thousands of New Jersey job seekers who are trying to escape the trap of long-term unemployment. Most have long and often impressive work histories, and many are highly educated, but they lost a job in a tough economy and haven't made it back. This is especially true for job seekers who are 45 and older, who make up roughly half of New Jersey’s long-term unemployed population. Though they are often overlooked in the applicant pool, according to recent research by AARP, older workers have many of the qualities and skills that employers are seeking—reliability, loyalty, a strong work ethic, high productivity, strong problem-solving abilities, and a depth of experience.

To help us meet our goal, we have developed strategic partnerships with the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, Direct Employers Association, and the Garden State Council–SHRM. We know these partnerships as well as direct employer engagement are essential to the success of NSCN. Employers want skilled workers, and NSCN is offering specialized services to long-term unemployed job seekers to help them regain their confidence and hone their skills. Through personal coaching and other supports, NSCN members can be an asset to your company, meeting your workforce needs, and strengthening the New Jersey economy.

For a sampling of the resources and tools available to NSCN members, click here.

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