Become a Partner

Employer Partners

By partnering with NSCN, you will open up your company to an overlooked source of talent, while also helping the communities and economy of our state. 

For a sampling of the resources and tools available to NSCN members, click here.

Ways to partner with NSCN include:
  • Helping raise awareness of NSCN
  • Providing funding or other in-kind resources to support general NSCN operations
  • Agreeing to consider hiring one or more qualified NSCN members
  • Agreeing to consider providing a partially subsidized “returnship”, trial, or on-the-job training opportunity for a NSCN member
  • Encouraging current or former HR and other employees to volunteer as career coaches to assist NSCN members
  • Sharing your success stories with us regarding initiatives to hire long-term unemployed job seekers, older workers, or veterans
Depending on their level of engagement, employer partners will be recognized in several ways, including
  • By being featured on the NSCN website, with company logos, on a list of employer supporters;
  • By being featured on the rotating “spotlight” page with stories about their hiring initiatives for veterans, long-term unemployed, older workers, and other groups of job seekers;
  • By being invited to and  recognized at NSCN events;
  • By being highlighted in press releases and progress reports;
  • By having their job listings highlighted and featured on the “” microsite being created by Direct Employers Association; and
  • By being offered the opportunity to co-brand “returnship” and other subsidized employment opportunities for NSCN members.

Community Partners

Older, long-term unemployed job seekers need a range of supports  while they are in transition. We have partnered with national, state and local organizations  that provide resources to job seekers, including education and training, information about mental health and financial counseling, access to reduced price internet services, peer support, and more.   Our Community Partners also promote and disseminate information on NSCN. 

We welcome your partnership as we strive to help New Jersey’s older, long-term unemployed job seekers.

For a sampling of the resources and tools available to NSCN members, click here.
If you would like to become NSCN Employer or Community Partner, please contact Maria Heidkamp, NSCN Director, at or 848-932-1490.