Free Access to Big Interview!
We know that the interview is where you land the job, so we've added a FREE tool for members to use to prepare.  
Big Interview offers an on-demand and simple-to-use job interview training system that combines both expert-developed lessons and the ability to actually practice, all from your home computer. This tool is being used in several states to help job seekers of all ages improve their interviewing skills. Features include: 
  • Virtual practice interviews - Industry-specific practice interviews at varying levels of difficulty, from easy to challenging. These include behavioral/competency-based questions from 140+ industries, with constant updates to reflect the latest trends in hiring. You record your answers through your computer webcam and can share your interviews with a coach or colleagues for feedback and suggestions.
  • Rating and feedback options to help improve your skills.
  • In-depth video and written learning curriculum developed by top interview trainer, Pamela Skilling. This includes a first 90 Days curriculum to ensure that you're successful in a new position.
To create your Big Interview account and start using the tool, follow these instructions:
1. Click here and log into your New Start Career Network Member account.  
2. Once you're logged in, go to the Big Interview section to find the link to our Big Interview site and click on it.  
3. On the Big Interview member site, click on the green Register button and sign up, using the signup code 0850.  
4. You will have to create an 8-character password, so be sure to save it in a safe place for future log-ins.  
Once you're signed up, you can review helpful "Get Started" videos, use the Fast Track or Mastery Track interview training modules, or begin recording practice interviews right away. We hope you enjoy using this tool to help you prepare. Please let us know your feedback and questions!   
One NSCN job seeker seeker recently credited Big Interview practice with landing her a new job. She did 30 practice interviews and believes she got the job offer as a result of a great interview!