How Do I Join?

Joining the New Start Career Network is simple and FREE!

shutterstock_294066494.jpgTo become a New Start Career Network member:
  1. From the home page, click on the “Become a Member” button.
  2. Answer the simple three-step eligibility verification questions and click “Verify.”
  3. Answer some basic questions about yourself. You will also be prompted to create a password. Be sure to save it someplace where you can find it!
  4. Click on the Submit button
  5. You’re DONE!
Once you’ve joined the New Start Career Network, you will be added to our Tip of the Week email newsletter, which comes out every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. If you don’t begin receiving this email, check your Spam or Junk folders.
After you become a member, you will also receive a series of emails over a period of a few weeks designed to help you make the most of our resources.
To access our “Members Only” sections of the website, you will want to return to the home page and click on either “Existing members log in here” or “Sign in” at the top right of the home page. Your username is the email address you signed up with and your password is the password you selected when you signed up.