Interviewing Techniques

The interview is often seen as the most nerve-wracking part of the job search process, especially for job seekers who have been out of work for a prolonged period. What will the interviewer(s) be like? What will they ask? Will I have the right answers?

interview-techniques.jpgThe NSCN has arranged for its members to access Optimal Resume, a web-based system that allows job seekers to practice interviewing with a video-based interview preparation module. The interview module contains hundreds of pre-recorded interview questions based on industry and occupation as well as level of experience (entry-level, mid-career, or experienced).  For each question, Optimal Resume includes coaching tips to help you prepare your response.  You can select whether you want to record your responses or not, with the option to record your answers through video, audio, or as text.  You will need a webcam and microphone for the video recording or just a microphone for the audio responses.  If you record your answers, you can review, refine, and re-record them until you are satisfied.  You can also share your recordings with a NSCN volunteer coach through Optimal Resume or download them to share with other individuals.
Optimal Resume has help features throughout its applications, which include video tutorials for how to use each application, live and recorded webinars, a PDF user guide, and a help button.

As noted under the Resume section of the NSCN website, Optimal Resume has also modules that allow you to manage your career portfolio, craft resumes and employment related letters (i.e. cover, thank you, follow-up, networking), and create videos resumes and portfolios.