What We Offer

The New Start Career Network is committed to helping its members — age 45 and over, and unemployed for six or more months — with targeted services designed to address your specific needs.

shutterstock_332071880.jpgBy joining the New Start Career Network, you will get access to a variety of supports and resources to assist you in your job search, including:
  • Step-by-step online guidance to help you conduct a modern job search or explore a career change.
  • Free career tools to assist you in your search, including JobScan, Big Interview, Vault and Sokanu. These toold can help you create and optimize your resume for the ATS; practice your interview skills, identify transferable skills, and research potential employers and industries.
  • Resources to help you identify local job clubs, training opportunities, and other supportive services to assist you during your unemployment.
  • Over 150 archived webinars on a variety of career and job search-related topics geared to specifically meet the needs of our 45+, long-term unemployed members, as well as an ongoing monthly series of webinars.
  • The opportunity to participate in periodic online groups on a variety of topics, facilitated by our trained volunteer career coaches.
  • Our Facebook and LinkedIn groups where you can meet and connect with other job seekers and with our volunteer career coaches.
  • shutterstock_360153911.jpgOur weekly “Tip of the Week” newsletter, which includes valuable career and job search tips, information on upcoming online events, job postings, and other information geared toward your needs.
  • Periodic career events, such as our “Jumpstart Your Job Search” series.
  • Job postings.
  • The opportunity to work with one of our trained volunteer career coaches for a three-month coaching engagement to help you upgrade your job search skills or identify a new career direction.