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NSCN Success Story: Shari

Learn how Shari landed a new position through networking and her work with an NSCN Volunteer Career Coach.
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IMMEDIATE OPENINGS - 4 Full-Time Asst. Directors of PR - Office of Business Services

IMMEDIATE JOB OPENINGS! Since 1989 ACT Software has been the "Leader" in the Design, development, and sales of interactive computer software and outcome based education products. With over 28 products, their clientele include hundreds of schools, colleges and universities, churches, youth programs, after school centers, sports teams, U. S. Military, and the U. S. Government.
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Success Story: Q & A with Jill

Learn how Jill landed a new position by expanding her network, being persistent and perfecting her interview style.
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NSCN Member Success Story: Bonnie

"Where I work now, they usually don’t hire anyone unless they are referred by a current employee.”
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NSCN Member Success Story: Avi

Learn how working with an NSCN Volunteer Career Coach helped Avi land a new job!
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