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NJ COVID-19 Business Resources and Eligibility Wizard

The State of New Jersey has launched an Eligibility Wizard for businesses to find out what grants, loans, and other resources may be available to them.
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COVID19 Unemployment Questions and Concerns

SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS - We are working with the NJ Department of Labor to gather information about the questions and concerns you have about job loss, unemployment insurance, sick leave, and benefits or resources that may be available to help.
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NSCN Thursday Share and Support Sessions

We are launching a new group meeting on Thursdays hosted by Marc Strano where NSCN members can share with and support each other during these especially stressful times.
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NSCN's Roadmap to Wellbeing

Roadmap to Wellbeing -Job search and career transitions can be challenging. We know it can be difficult to maintain motivation and prioritize self-care when you may be in survival mode. But paying attention to your emotional well-being becomes even more important during periods of challenge and stress.
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Pre-Recorded Podcasts Available

Please check out these free, on-line, pre-recorded podcasts.
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