Big White Wall Ends U.S. Operations

Since the fall of 2016, NSCN has had a partnership with Big White Wall (BWW), which has been providing free access to NSCN members and their families to BWW's digital behavioral health tools.

We learned late yesterday that BWW would be terminating its services immediately in the United States due to the withdrawal of support from its venture firm as well as market uncertainties relating to "repeal and replace" of the Affordable Care Act.

NSCN members who had joined BWW in the United States are being offered access to the U.K. platform, which they can access by writing an email to [email protected]

Other resources that may be useful to NSCN members are included on the NSCN website under:

Job Seekers / Supporting Your Job Search / Other Resources / Mental Health Support

NSCN partners, the Mental Health Association in New Jersey (MHANJ) offers (please click here to view their brochure):
  • a free, confidential mental health information and referral service that can be accessed at (866) 202-HELP or at
  • a peer-recovery warmline staffed by trained, supportive mental health consumers, which can be accessed at (877) 292-5588.
Rutgers University also provides mental health services for those looking for help. The Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology (GSAPP) runs a clinic for those looking for mental health services. You can call them at (848) 445-6111 or click here to view their brochure. The Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care System (UBHC) is another group that offers similar services throughout New Jersey. You can call (800) 969-5300 to make an appointment.

NSCN would like to thank Big White Wall for providing free support to our members.