Letter From a Job Seeker: Jeff

Read about Jeff's experience working with NSCN!

Ms. Martin,


I have great news to share – my coach helped me land a full-time job with a great salary and good benefits!


As of Friday May 5, 2017, I completed my first full week employed as an electrical engineer. 


I am thankful that you chose my career coach, who was exactly the career coach I needed during my period of long-term unemployment – I should have signed up for NSCN career coaching sooner! 


He worked with me every week, giving me suggestions, guiding and encouraging me, helping me choose target companies, encouraging me to attend a local job fair and reach out to local employers. He was very accessible and always gave me solid advice on the right course of action to take with potential employers during the interview process.  He also helped me with discussions and advice on how to negotiate my salary with my current employer.


Again, I am very grateful to New Start Career Network (NSCN) for allowing me to work with such a great career coach.  Please offer him kudos and a big thank you from NSCN for his volunteer career coaching that helped another long-term job seeker land a great new job.


--- Jeff