NSCN Member Success Story: Karen

The perspective and assistance of her Volunteer Career Coach, as well as the process of honing in on the things she enjoyed in her previous jobs helped Karen in her search for a new career opportunity.

Karen’s professional background had included careers in college admissions and sales. After losing her job and learning about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) from a friend, Karen became an NSCN member. She soon requested assistance from an NSCN Volunteer Career Coach.
Karen participated in NSCN’s webinars, which she described as being “fantastic” and “full of information and concrete steps to take.” She shares that “My coach also was great. I need outside accountability. It all helped me to get my confidence back.”
Karen credits her coach with helping to ease the transition back to employment. Karen shares, “My coach helped me to customize my resume based on the type of role I was looking for. She also helped me to figure out what type of role to look for based on my interests.” 
Karen was unemployed for 18 months. She shares that the most challenging part of her job search was “trying to figure out what I wanted to do.” She knew she wanted a change and “wanted something that gave me work life balance and not management. So, I had to make sure I didn’t come across as just wanting to do less work.”
Karen recently landed a job as a District Sales Assistant at a payroll and benefits outsourcing company. Her new job involves a different occupation than the positions she had before. Additionally, she’s working in a new industry than ones she worked in previously.