NSCN Member Success Story: Ajay

Ajay found working with NSCN to be helpful because of the support system of members and coaches, where he felt he could share his experiences.

Ajay was attending a session at PSG of Mercer County presented by the New Start Career Network (NSCN), and had also heard about NSCN through his outplacement agency. He decided to see what NSCN had to offer and received assistance with his job search. Ajay found it useful to work with a volunteer career coach, “He was helpful in listening to my approach for my job search and sharing ideas. He also helped with my resume.”

Not only was Ajay able to receive resume advice, but he also discovered other tools with NSCN and perhaps most importantly for him, emotional support. “First and foremost,” he commented, “having the support system where you can lean on and share everything that you are going through mentally” was helpful. He also found networking to be a valuable part of his job search. “It was important to share, listen, and ask questions to determine that you are on the right path or if any course correction is required.”

During his nine months of unemployment, it was not always easy to stay positive, “Keeping the morale up on a day-to-day basis was probably the most challenging.” But, with encouragement and guidance from his coach, Ajay networked with former employers and was able to land himself a job. “My new position is within a similar industry (financial/insurance), but my earlier position was broader, where this one will be more focused on a specific area.”

Ajay’s volunteer career coach felt his wonderful skill set and networking efforts were invaluable to his job search, “Ajay was a good person to coach, as he was open to my suggestions, working on things we discussed promptly, and questioned things when he was not in agreement with me. I believe he will be very successful in the new position.”

Ajay offers this advice for NSCN members who are still searching for their next position: “Networking, networking, networking…there is a job out there for everyone. It is a matter of time before you will find it or the job will find you.”