NSCN Member Success Story: Amelia

Read how Amelia's work with an NSCN career coach helped build her confidence and guide her to achieving her goal of getting a new job!

Amelia found a link to the New Start Career Network (NSCN) when she was checking the Ready to Work NJ website—one of NSCN’s partner organizations. She decided to join and also to attend the NSCN Job Fair in November 2016. After that, Amelia requested and was assigned “an awesome volunteer career coach.”
Amelia was unemployed for a year, but she did work some temporary assignments during that time. Like many NSCN job seekers, Amelia felt her age was a factor in her job search. “Ageism was a big challenge. In the past, I was unemployed, but this time was tough,” she said.
Her career coach was able to offer Amelia help on a personal level, as well as offering professional advice, “She provided motivation, encouragement, and helped build my confidence. She gave me suggestions, advice, and other information. It felt good to know I had an advocate in my corner.”
Amelia’s coach felt her success in finding a job was due to Amelia’s own qualities and strengths, “Amelia was open to new and fresh ideas and really just needed to be encouraged through her interviewing and job searching process. She has a strong resume, was already getting interviews on her own, and was proactively working with temp agencies while she was looking.”

Amelia’s new job is as a senior accountant at a nonprofit organization that supports individuals with developmental disabilities. She had been a senior accountant previously, but in a corporate setting. She explained how she positioned herself to make this transition: “In the first paragraph of my cover letter, I expressed my interest in the organization. I stated I believed in the organization’s mission to advocate and provide opportunities and support for all individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Also, I briefly mentioned a personal inspiration involving my good friend who ran track and field for Special Olympics and then retired as a Global Ambassador. In addition, that individual maintained a residence on his own and secured a job with benefits from a reputable company.”

The combination of her experience and her commitment to the organization’s mission seemed to make an impact. “This organization was willing to take a chance with me,” Amelia shared.

Amelia also reported that after she started her new job, “My new boss told me that 150 people applied for this position. She immediately eliminated those who could not follow directions. She mentioned that some people did not submit a cover letter with salary requirements as required in the job posting.”  

Amelia had originally seen a posting for this position on Indeed and then applied through the organization’s website.

She summed up her experience: “2016 was a really tough year for me without work. I am grateful for the support of the NSCN program and especially my coach! I finally can breathe a sigh of relief."