NSCN Member Success Story: Andrew

Andrew landed a new job through hard work and persistence, and some help from his NSCN Volunteer Career Coach.

Andrew learned about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) through the internet and decided to join and applied to be matched with a NSCN Volunteer Career Coach. Working with a coach proved to be a valuable part of Andrew’s job search.
“My coach was a great help, was an experienced coach, and assisted me with my resume.”
His coach felt that Andrew’s hard work and persistence helped him tremendously in his job search, and made the following observations.
“He wrote his resume to clearly match his background and skills with the job requirements, created a resume to match his LinkedIn profile, cold-called employers, and worked the job boards daily. We also role played to help Andrew prepare for his phone and in-person interviews.”

Andrew explains that the most challenging aspect of his job seeking experience was “competing with the younger generation.”
Despite enduring challenges, Andrew landed a new job in IT consulting, which is a different occupation for him. Previously, Andrew was a data architect in banking IT before becoming unemployed 11 months ago.
He has some advice for fellow job seekers: “Never give up. Do not get frustrated. Document all of your interview questions for the next interview. Learn from your mistakes.”