NSCN Member Success Story: Avi

Learn how working with an NSCN Volunteer Career Coach helped Avi land a new job!

After learning about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) by attending a presentation by Michele Martin hosted at the Princeton Public Library by the Professional Services Group of Mercer County, Avi became an NSCN member. 

NSCN assisted Avi with his job search in many ways, but he was especially thankful for his personal NSCN Volunteer Career Coach, Laurie. 

“Laurie did an amazing job helping me with my journey,” Avi shared. “She listened and offered guidance and advice and was always there for me if I needed anything or even just to bounce ideas and thoughts.” 

Prior to becoming unemployed, Avi’s career landed him at exciting positions at a variety of companies. One of the companies relocated Avi to the United States 18 years ago, where he took on a challenging and rewarding position as Director of Operations. 

“After several years, I moved to another company as their VP of services for the Americas, and then to another company where I started as the VP of engineering and ended as the COO,” Avi said. “At my last company, I was the VP of global services responsible for the professional services, deployment and support for all of our customers worldwide.”

However, Avi was then unemployed for eight months. He shares that the most challenging part of his job search was “the need to time and again prove that I am worthy to people who were much younger than me and way less experienced. In fact, seeing that they don't really see the advantages that someone like me can bring to the table was not so easy to digest.”

Avi also found the pace of job search frustrating, including the slow pace at which decisions are taken. Some weeks are consumed by “tons of meetings, interviews, discussions, and email exchanges, while many days and weeks go by without anything happening.” 

Avi recently landed a new job as Director, Service Delivery and will “be responsible for the delivery of our S/W solution to a major customer of our company as well as supporting the customer with any issues they may find using our Tier 3 and Tier 4 support teams.” 

Regarding the tools and strategies that helped him get this job, Avi said, “This specific job started via networking. I was introduced to the CEO of the company by a colleague that worked with me at the previous company. Ever since we first met, it was a very long journey, as many internal politics and sensitivities had to be resolved and overcome before I could join. What this means is that I had to meet with multiple individuals within the company so that all will agree that it’s a good fit, rather than being forced on them by the CEO. It was a lengthy ride with lots of stops and vacant time where nothing happened and everyone disappeared. I had to constantly follow up and remind them that I am still interested.“

Avi admits that “this is certainly a new industry for me. While I already had a job several years back in this industry, it was in a completely different section of it so effectively it’s completely new to me. Having said that, the position itself is definitely not new to me as I have done it (in a different industry) for many years by now. This is also how I positioned it — I may be lacking some specific knowledge about the industry BUT I certainly know what needs to be done and can fairly quickly close the knowledge gaps. “  

As Avi returns to work, he offers the following advice to other individuals who are searching for work: “Don’t give up!!! It’s a VERY tough job finding a new job in this era especially when you are starting to get older. It requires a lot of energy, patience, and resilience. The world out there is very young and not necessarily appreciating your strengths and experience, so you need to keep selling and marketing yourself and never give up. There will be MANY frustrating times, ‘NO Thank you’ responses, and many will not even bother getting back to you. Nevertheless, keep on pushing and when one door closes for you, find another door and attempt to open it. Eventually you will find the right door that will open.”

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