NSCN Member Success Story: Barbara

How Barbara found a new job with the help of her NSCN Volunteer Career Coach

Barbara had been out of work for more than a year when she heard about the New Start Career Network (NSCN). Feeling that her age was her biggest obstacle in her job search, Barbara signed up for NSCN and was soon matched with a Volunteer Career Coach. Barbara and her coach worked together to craft a résumé that showed Barbara’s diverse array of skills. The coach provided Barbara with useful interview tips and helped her set job goal targets. All of these efforts were valuable, but what Barbara found most meaningful was her coach’s sincerity in wanting to help her and the constructive and positive way he gave her feedback.

After 17 months of unemployment, Barbara obtained an executive assistant position with a pharmaceutical company. She had interviewed for a position at this same company a year ago but did not get that job. When she saw a posting for another position at the company, she contacted the human resources personnel that had interviewed her last year.

She believes that her perseverance, experience, and maturity helped her land the job, all with the support and encouragement of her career coach! Barbara’s coach offered support. “Whenever Barbara and I had a call," the coach explains, "we mainly discussed her approach to finding a job, how she felt, and how I could help her in her search. She was always in control of her own results, and I was mainly there to help her and insert ideas and feedback that she may not have thought about before.” Her coach also offered a different perspective on something she thought was a challenge. The coach shares, “Another thing that I found to help was framing her experience and age as a competitive advantage. Many hiring managers and recruiters have biases that they may not even realize; having her frame her age and experience in a way that challenged their biases helped make a difference.” 

Barbara’s advice to other NSCN members is to be patient; it takes a lot longer to get a job than one might think. A lot of people are looking for work, so it’s a good idea to get a career coach to keep you on track and discuss your interview/job search efforts.  

“Try not to let long-term unemployment take a toll on your confidence,” Barbara cautions job seekers. “Your experience and maturity are strengths. After many phone interviews and in-person interviews, I finally got a good job because of these things.”