NSCN Member Success Story: Beatrice

Read how NSCN and volunteer work were instrumental in helping Beatrice land her new job.

Beatrice was unemployed for just over two years. During this time, Beatrice was fortunate to do consulting work with the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) on projects that provided networking opportunities and kept her connected to strategic human resources work. She had recently started her full-time job search, and after hearing a presentation by Maria Heidkamp at a Morris County SHRM meeting, she called and signed up for New Start Career Network (NSCN) that night!
Shortly after joining, Beatrice was paired with a volunteer career coach, who she says “was key to landing my new job.” Beatrice gained a lot from working with her coach. “I had a wonderful career coach who kept me focused and moving forward. She was very encouraging and had more confidence than I did that I’d land a job soon.” Beatrice’s coach gave her confidence and encouraged her to focus less on her age and instead “take stock in all the talents, expertise, and value I could bring a potential employer.”
According to her coach, “Beatrice possesses such a passion for Human Resources, which allowed her to persevere in her job search. She was open to learning innovative ways to interview, network, and build her resume. Beatrice is very personable and was a pleasure to coach! I am extremely happy for her, and I wish her the best of luck in her new position.”
In addition to the resources offered by NSCN, Beatrice stayed involved with SHRM both at the national level and with her local Morris County chapter, which has an “outstanding transition group that meets monthly. These meetings helped me gain insight and strategies important to landing a job.” Beatrice also found the book to be useful, Crack the Job Search Code, which is co-authored by the chair of the Morris County SHRM transition group.  Other strategies she credits as contributing to her success included her volunteer work, especially leading the SHRM chapter’s pilot mentor program and serving as a mentor herself.   
“In addition to advancing the human resources profession, my volunteer work provided me with excellent job interview talking points,” she noted.
Another valuable strategy for Beatrice was staying current in her field. During her downtime, she obtained a SHRM certification and took a prep course at a local college. This helped her feel prepared for interview questions that asked what she had been doing since she left her company.
Beatrice said the most challenging part of her job search was “the length of time it took to land a job! I had interviewed with many companies where I was perfect for the role, but didn’t hear back after the interview. The key is to keep your eye on the prize and keep moving forward.” Through her perseverance, Beatrice obtained a position as a Human Resources Partner for a New York City-based national nonprofit organization. This position is similar to her previous job, but with a new challenge of working for a nonprofit organization.
Beatrice advises, “Connect with everyone! You never know where a connection will lead.” She also advises job seekers “to stay current - take classes - volunteer - give back - keep momentum - take advantage of any and all resources - especially NSCN! There is the perfect job fit for you - never give up and pick up a copy of Crack the Job Search Code!”