NSCN Member Success Story: Beverly

Beverly kept her positive attitude throughout her job search, and was able to transition into a job that engages all of her gifts and talents.

Beverly had been unemployed for two and a half years when she joined the New Start Career Network (NSCN), though part of that time was devoted to taking care of an elderly relative.  She learned about NSCN through Ready to Work New Jersey.
Previously, Beverly explained, “I was an administrator in a community college and managed a continuing education program for older adults in which I hired instructors for our classes.” Like many other NSCN job seekers, she found the most frustrating aspect of the job search to be “not receiving feedback from employers when my experience/education seemed to fit perfectly with the jobs they were advertising.”
Beverly decided to join NSCN, where she received the assistance of a volunteer career coach. The coach provided her with a newfound enthusiasm. “My first meeting with the career coach helped to energize and motivate me so that I could be successful in finding a job.”
Beverly found NSCN’s resources to be beneficial to her job search. “The tips in the newsletters are helpful, as is the AARP book, 7 Smart Strategies for 50+ Job Seekers.” Networking contributed to Beverly’s success.  She got some good news when one of her personal contacts “who participated in an interview for a job for which I was not hired sent my resume to his contacts that he knew were hiring!”
She landed a position teaching professional development skills, including resume preparation and job hunting, to students who attend a business college and who are participating in either an associate degree or certificate program to learn workplace skills, which fits nicely with her professional background.
“I have taught before, but in a graduate school setting. The subject matter is new, however, in other managerial positions, I have reviewed resumes and interviewed job candidates, which gave me some insights into the dos and don’ts in both areas.”
Beverly noted that the new job is part time but could turn into full time.
Beverly offers the following advice to NSCN members: “You can’t give up despite sometimes feeling that you’re wasting your time and that no one is going to hire you. You have to minimize rejection with the thought that the particular position was not for you.”
Beverly’s coach shared her perspective as well. “Beverly was a pleasure to coach. Through our sessions together Beverly gained career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration.  It was just a matter of her moving in momentum (motivating her to keep networking and moving forward in her career search). I would use this little phrase with her – it’s all about when purpose meets time!  Within a few short weeks Beverly landed a wonderful opportunity that engages all her gifts and talents.”