NSCN Member Success Story: Carmen

Carmen got a job in a new industry by successfully positioning his skills as applicable to hiring managers, and suggests signing up to be matched with a NSCN Volunteer Career Coach.

Carmen heard about New Start Career Network (NSCN) from a NSCN member and decided to join, although he was already navigating his job search on his own.
Though Carmen landed his job on his own, he did benefit from having the advice of a NSCN Volunteer Career Coach.
“I received the job offer just before my first meeting with the coach. My coach met with me a couple days after the job offer and was very helpful in the subject of salary / benefits negotiation. A big help here!”
After 22 months of being unemployed, Carmen was able to find a job as a business analysis manager in the manufacturing/remanufacturing industry, which is a similar position in a new industry that differs from his previous experience.
“Previously, I was in the banking industry and my core occupation was in finance. During my recent job search, my goal was to find another financial role, however I wasn’t limiting myself to the banking industry, I was looking at all industries.”
Trying to explore opportunities in a new industry required Carmen to position himself to make the change.
“Whenever I spoke to a hiring manager in a non-banking industry, my sales pitch was that although I didn’t have that particular industry’s experience, I had a wealth of transferrable finance and leadership skills that were valuable in any industry. I also noted that I was confident that I could quickly get up to speed in knowledge of the industry.”
Carmen faced some common challenges during his job search, but he did not allow them to stand between him and a new job.
“Convincing hiring managers in industries other than banking that I was the right fit for them was a challenge, but I believe that the #1 reason that it took so long to find a new role was my age. No one admitted this, but it seemed to be the only common thread as I assessed what happened each time I was told that the hiring manager decided to hire someone else. This was particularly hard for me because I know I have many more years of high performance and major contributions to give to a company.”
Carmen offers the following advice for other NSCN members: “If you are still searching for a new role, make sure you get signed up with a Volunteer Career Coach. It will definitely pay off."