NSCN Member Success Story: Claudia

Read how Claudia's determination and networking played a big role in landing her a new position.

Claudia heard about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) through AARP. She joined NSCN and began working with a coach, which she found to be an extremely worthwhile experience. “Working with an NSCN Coach helped me reassess my interests and aptitudes.” On a professional level, NSCN was able to help Claudia bring her resume up to date and create a cover letter and LinkedIn profile, as well as make connections through networking. Personally, being part of the network offered her much more—“emotional support to encourage me and give practical advice during a very trying time.”
Claudia’s NSCN Coach felt Claudia’s personal efforts helped her accomplish her goal, “Claudia applied what we discussed during our coaching sessions. She began chatting with some of her trusted coworkers and luckily, one of them informed her about a company that was hiring. She immediately came home and called me to talk it through so we began to prep for the process from beginning to end.” Their strategy worked, because Claudia applied, was immediately called for a phone interview, and then had an in-person interview. During the interview, Claudia applied a salary negotiation tip she learned from her coach and got the job!
Claudia was unemployed for a year and a half before she was able to find part-time work, and for a full two years before she found the full-time position she now holds: an account specialist for an industrial supply company. This industry and occupation are new to her, but working with her NSCN Coach helped her realize that she could offer value to this position, even though it was different from her law enforcement background.
While searching for a new position, Claudia found her biggest challenge to be “not being able to get past the online job application ‘gatekeepers’ to secure an interview for even an entry-level position.” And her advice for NSCN members that are personally navigating a job search would be, “Connect with a coach, follow the advice given, be open to new ideas about job hunting these days, and even think about what you might enjoy doing instead of focusing on a previous job/career.”