NSCN Member Success Story: Cynthia

Read how Cynthia overcame her job search challenges and transitioned into a new position.

After hearing about New Start Career Network (NSCN) from a current member, Cynthia decided to join. She had been unemployed for 16 months.

“Realizing that there are others that have been unemployed longer than 16 months made me look at my situation differently, and it helped me to continue seeking and searching until something came along.”

Cynthia commented that “the resources and tools on the NSCN website were very helpful.” Her job search strategy also focused on recruiters: “I stayed in contact with recruiters, made sure they had my current resume, and let them know I was still seeking employment.”

In addition, Cynthia benefited from being partnered with her NSCN volunteer career coach.

“Although it was an extremely short time spent with my assigned coach, her encouragement was very strengthening in preparing me for my interview. We focused on setting my priorities and establishing dates for my immediate goals to hold myself accountable to meeting those goals.”

Her coach shared some thoughts on what she felt contributed to Cynthia’s success in transitioning into her new position. “During the brief time that I worked with Cynthia, what stood out to me was the clarity that she had regarding the type of position she was targeting and her positive attitude throughout our discussion. Regardless of the amount of time spent on resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, etc., at the end of the day, people are motivated to work with people that they like and that they believe will fit their environment. I believe Cynthia projects the right attitude, which is the first step to opening the right doors for opportunity. I think she'll be very successful in her new role. “ 

Cynthia discussed her new job: “My position will be Project Manager for a Communication/Marketing Team. It’s a consultant role for a 12-month period. The type of organization is new to me. There will be new policies and processes that I have to become acquainted with. However, the type of items I’ll be managing are items I’ve managed in previous positions,” which included being a Project/Traffic Manager for Creative Services (production of marketing materials).

Along the way, Cynthia faced frustrations that echo what many NSCN job seekers report.   

“The most challenging times were applying for jobs and not receiving any response, and to apply or interview for a position you think is a perfect fit and not get the position,” she said.

She was interested in telling her story because she hopes that her “responses are able to help someone else stay strong in their search.” She offers the following advice to job seekers who are still searching for their next position: “Trust your skill set and don’t underestimate your experience. Even when it looks like you’re not getting the responses you desire, continue to move forward. Learn new things and search for careers that your skills can also be applied to. Believe in yourself, even when doubt creeps in; quickly silence those negative thoughts and tell yourself, ‘I Can Do This!’”

She also encourages NSCN to maintain contact with NSCN members even after they find employment. “Support systems are hard to find and are valued by those over 50 years, who need encouragement and a network to stay relevant in various industries.”