NSCN Member Success Story: Dan

Read how Dan's positive experience with his NSCN Career Coach helped him land a job!

Dan decided to join New Start Career Network (NSCN) to see if it could help him with his job search, after hearing about NSCN from a friend of his wife’s. Shortly after he joined, he requested and was assigned a volunteer career coach.  After 10 months of being unemployed, Dan credits having a coach to his success in finding a new job.
According to Dan, “the most challenging parts of the job search were finding new opportunities and executing on a flawless interview.  Having a good attitude is key.  My coach was able to communicate to me the necessity of having a positive attitude, before, during, and after the interview.”   
Dan also reflected on “the importance of creating rapport within the first couple of minutes” of an interview, and also on “focusing only on what is on the job description and not getting off topic with areas that do not pertain to the job.” He added: “Without my coach, I would not have had the knowledge to transition at this time in my life.”
Besides encouraging his positive attitude, another helpful part of the process of working with a coach for Dan was that his coach asked him questions that were sometimes difficult to answer but important to his ability continue moving forward and making progress. According to his coach, Dan’s own efforts had a definite impact on his success.  She commented, “It was truly Dan’s desire to learn and think deeply about answers to the questions I’d pose. When someone considers deeply and genuinely, it makes all the difference in their advancement.”
Before finding his new position, Dan had applied to over 2,000 jobs online and been on 30 interviews.
“I applied directly on company websites, and used Monster, Career Builder, and Ladders to get leads from recruiters,” he noted.  “It was a long journey, but persistence and a positive attitude made all the difference.”
The persistence and positive attitude paid off when Dan was hired for a project product marketing job with a major worldwide consumer/industrial electronics company in central New Jersey.  While some job seekers end up transitioning to a new industry or occupation, Dan said his new job “is in the same industry that I have been in for 25 years plus, and the job role I had been doing for the last 7 years.”
Dan offers this advice to NSCN members, as it worked for his own job search: “Staying positive is key. Never give up! You do not have to take a lower position. If you are persistent and positive, you will prevail!”