NSCN Member Success Story: David

Read how David landed a job with the help of his NSCN Volunteer Career Coach, who helped keep him on track and focused on his goal.

David first learned about New Start Career Network (NSCN) when he was applying to receive his unemployment benefits on the New Jersey Department of Labor website. He decided to join NSCN and was matched with a Volunteer Career Coach. He used some of the tools offered on the NSCN website.
“I read online articles and watched the NSCN webinars, which were very helpful. They have a lot of great information to help you get organized. I met and talked with personal contacts and made new connections on LinkedIn. I did some volunteer work that helped keep me moving and gave me a break from the monotony of job searching.”
In addition to the online resources, David also had the benefit of a NSCN Volunteer Career Coach.
“My coach provided guidance with things like resume structure and advice for interviewing. Having someone to check in with on a regular basis and setting reachable goals kept me on track and focused.”
After being originally laid off during the recession five years ago, David deviated from his career path in order to keep working. He continued to search for a job within his career, and was met with some challenges.
“Getting my materials organized was a challenge. Figuring out how to talk in interviews about how I veered off in a somewhat different direction to keep working was challenging and stressful. I felt overwhelmed by the process and dealing with the stress of uncertainty.”
After three and a half months of unemployment, David landed a job as a marketing manager with a construction and architectural services firm, which is different from his background in technology and marketing and data analysis. He made some adjustments to his resume and cover letter to better position himself to get this job.
“This is a new industry for me, very different from my past experience. To make the change, I put a lot of time into emphasizing my transferrable strengths and aspects of my experience, that were similar to what they were looking for based on the job description, in my resume and cover letter.”
David offers lots of advice for other NSCN members: “Follow the advice of the NSCN webinars, work with a coach, definitely set goals and stick to them. Have your materials ready to go and adjust them to each job you apply to. Be flexible about the type of job you will pursue, it may be different from what you have done in the past. Practice before going into an interview, emphasize transferable skills with examples, and get to know typical interview questions and prepare for them. Rehearse the stories of your accomplishments and be ready to talk about them in a confident way."