NSCN Member Success Story: Donald

Read how Donald's NSCN Volunteer Career Coach offered him support in his job search.

Donald spent over a year as an unemployed job seeker. After hearing about it at Professional Service Group of Mercer County meetings he attended, Donald decided to join New Start Career Network (NSCN) to take advantage of the many available resources.

“It was difficult to adjust to the new job search environment because so many things had changed. But the most difficult challenge was coping with the emotional distress of not having a job.”

With the help of his Volunteer Career Coach, online resources for tips on resume and cover letter writing, and his personal networking, Donald landed a job as a circulation supervisor at a university. This position is a continuation of work that he has performed in academic libraries for over 20 years, but the position itself is something he has never done before.

“Although I have never really been a person who networks, I contacted many people I knew to get help in my search. My job coach was instrumental in helping me focus on the things I am passionate about and what I have to offer employers as well as conducting more effective job searches. The most important resource was my career coach!”

Donald offers the following advice to fellow NSCN member job seekers: “Use every resource at hand, especially those that are geared specifically to your personal situation, which for me is being an older worker trying to get back into the workforce. And do take advantage of meeting with a career coach! Mine has been infinitely helpful!”

He also offers some advice for NSCN on how we can better serve our members.

“Many of us are not comfortable in the new job search environment. Continue to stress that we have to get out of our bubble to do the things that are necessary to improve our job search prospects. Remind us that we have to be flexible and consider opportunities that we may not have thought about before.”

Donald sent a note of gratitude to his coach:

To my coach,

I just got home from the new job, and I think it is going to be a wonderful experience. Just being in a professional position again and being trained in something new makes me feel vibrant. And working around positive people, both permanent staff and students, is a great benefit. I wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am to you. You have helped me focus, you have helped me keep my spirits up, and you have helped me realize my value, among other things. As I settle in to my new position, I appreciate being able to contact you to always make sure I am presenting myself to potential employers in the best light. So thank you! I look forward to speaking to you again soon.