NSCN Member Success Story: Elaine

Thanks to the NSCN Fall 2018 Job Fair, Elaine recently landed a job!

Elaine learned about the New Start Career Network through her career coach and by attending the Project Management Institute New Jersey Chapter Career Fair last year where NSCN Director Maria Heidkamp was a speaker.

NSCN provided Elaine with valuable job search assistance. She took advantage of the “very useful tools/resources on the NSCN website.  I also attended the job fair at Rutgers in November which is where I learned about the position that I was offered.”

After several months of being unemployed, Elaine states that the most challenging part of her job search was, “the lack of responses from recruiters/hiring managers/etc. I was constantly following up with everyone."

As a result of a connection made at the NSCN Job Fair, Elaine recently landed a job as a senior project manager at a small technology firm in Princeton. Prior to this new role Elaine worked for a Fortune 500 company in a similar industry. Her background includes roles as a project/program manager and relationship manager.

Elaine shares, “I worked with a career coach who helped me create a marketing plan, update my resume and LinkedIn profile. I spent the majority of my time networking with personal contacts and support groups. I also attended two job fairs.”

 As Elaine returns to work, she offers this advice to other individuals who are searching for work: “My advice would be to follow the best practices provided by NSCN and career coaches. For the older worker, I would suggest looking at smaller companies who seem to appreciate our knowledge and experience. Perseverance, courage and faith are also very important. HOPE = Hang On Possibilities Exist!”
Check out the Recording and Handouts from the NSCN Tips on How to Work a Job Fair webinar.
SAVE THE DATE –  The NSCN Spring 2019 Job Fair will be held on June 5, 2019.