NSCN Member Success Story: Gina

Read how Gina's positive experience working with her NSCN volunteer career coach kept her motivated and helped her find employment.

Gina was unemployed for 15 months, and felt she was running out of options when she checked her email and found an announcement from New Start Career Network (NSCN). She began researching the NSCN website and decided to apply for a volunteer career coach. Gina’s pairing with her coach couldn’t have come at a better time. “Being paired with my coach came at a time when I was literally feeling hopeless about my job search and my ability to live independently.” Gina said she gained immense professional knowledge from her coach, and “from a personal perspective, my coach’s encouragement motivated me to keep pushing forward as I was running out of steam.”
There were challenging aspects to Gina’s job search, which made it difficult to stay positive at times. “I wasn’t receiving any calls for interviews. I was with my previous company for 12 years, so I hadn’t needed to look for a new job. I found that resume styles and the way people looked for and found new positions had changed dramatically. I wasn’t prepared for it.”
This changed after working with her NSCN coach. Gina came away with four new resumes, one to reflect each of her areas of experience. The new resumes used keywords that helped get her through common resume filters. Gina’s coach realized she had a lot to offer, and she just needed some assistance with marketing herself. “Gina is such a talented, dynamic, vibrant individual, with so many skills and fantastic ideas, but her materials weren’t really reflecting this. I knew that as soon as she got in front of any potential employer, they would want to hire her—so the goal was to get her into those interviews.”
Her NSCN coach encouraged her to network more with her current group and new groups, join organizations that could lead to jobs, and helped her think of unconventional ways to find jobs that weren’t posted. Her coach credits Gina’s success to Gina’s own efforts. “I think what made Gina so successful is that she openly, enthusiastically, and wholeheartedly embraced every suggestion, and put them all into practice quickly and well. She completely embraced the entire process itself. She set goals for herself and accomplished them.”
Gina used some of NSCN’s online tools to help her job search. “I used Optimal Resume’s Portfolio Builder. I sent my resume and communications samples to the hiring manager for the job I landed using the Portfolio Builder. I think that was a major help in making a good impression with her group.”
Gina now has a position with a casualty and life insurance company as an IT Communications Specialist. This role is similar to her previous position that she held in that it is communications and engagement driven.
Gina offers these words of encouragement to NSCN members, “Hang in there. Stay positive. Even when it takes you out of your comfort zone, do what your coach tells you and do your best to completely immerse yourself in this program. Participating in this program was an outstanding experience for me and it will be for you too."