NSCN Member Success Story: Helen

Read how Helen transitioned into her new position in the healthcare industry.

With a background working in university and hospital pathology departments and labs, Helen, who is a board-certified M.D. and holds a Ph.D., had been unemployed nearly half a year when she learned about New Start Career Network (NSCN) while attending a networking meeting for job seekers. She had previously been self-employed, but she was struggling to find a full-time position, which she had not had for seven years.
“I have the required training and many years of experience, including self-employment. I was self-employed for several years on a contract basis in healthcare-related areas, including hospitals and medical laboratories. My self-employed job experience was very helpful.”
Helen thought she would benefit from NSCN’s online tools and coaching support.
“During my job search, I realized that job search support would be important psychologically and strategically. I went to several job search group meet-ups in New Jersey and New York City and heard during the group meetings that NSCN is very helpful to New Jersey job seekers.”
Helen’s coach spent time helping her research appropriate opportunities and explore different ways to present her credentials on LinkedIn and during her interviews. Her coach noted that English is not Helen’s native language, and that she worked to help Helen with resume editing and interview practice via video conference and telephone. (Note that all NSCN job seekers have access to Optimal Resume and its Mock Interview Module, which can be found under the Job Seeker tab on the NSCN website and can facilitate interview practice.)
Helen acknowledged the range of support she received from her coach.
“My NSCN coach helped me to prepare for interviewing, offered valuable advice when I had any questions, assured me during the waiting period before I received my offer, and gave me very strong emotional support when I needed it.”
Helen’s new job is in the healthcare diagnostics industry, which is a good fit with her background and credentials. As she explained: “I searched online for job openings and also set up email notifications. When I found a job that met my skills and job expectations, I tried to find the hiring managers for the positions. I applied for the job online and then mailed my application directly to the hiring manager if I could find them. The most challenging part of my job search was finding a job to meet my personal career expectations and to have my application accepted.”
Helen’s coach feels that Helen will be successful in her new position, and that she will have even more opportunity ahead with this new company.
“She is a special human being and has come back stronger than ever. She is earning more than before with more opportunities ahead.”
Helen offers the following advice for NSCN job seekers who are currently looking for employment: “Search for jobs actively, gain more job experience through self-employment or contract work, make good preparations, and stay calm during the journey.”