NSCN Member Success Story: Henry

Read this note from NSCN Member Henry after he started his new job.

Dear Ms. Heidkamp,

I'm writing to let you know that I landed and that I could not have done it without the resources of NSCN. Here are the facts in brief:

  • I'm a 25+ year early childhood education professional.
  • My last position was program director for a large early childhood education program that ended August 31, 2016.
  • Initially I was OK with recharging, playing "mom" for my young daughter for the first time, and doing some volunteer work while considering a transition to college counseling.
  • I realized last March that playing with young children all day is "me."
  • I followed my wife's advice to hire a career coach and joined several Professional Services Groups (PSGs). · I joined Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey (PSGCNJ) a week before you spoke on July 31.
  • I then registered with NSCN and made extensive use of Optimal Resume to prep for my interviews and follow-up notes with the healthcare system staff where I was interested in working. From Optimal Resume, I used:
    • the Interview Tutorials, specifically the Initial Face-to-Face, Hiring Manager and Panel. In my time with PSG of Central New Jersey and the trainings they provided, I had amassed at least one SAR (Situation/Action/Results)/CAR (Challenge / Action / Result) highlight for each question in the tutorials.
    • I also used the phrasings in Letter Samples (thank you notes) to send a distinct note to each of the six members in my panel interview.
    • I am now the director of the child care facility that serves staff from this healthcare system and community children.

I cannot thank you enough. This resource is invaluable!

Best regards,


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