NSCN Member Success Story: Jane

Read about Jane's experience working with her career coach, and the advice that she offers to fellow NSCN members.

After enduring a year and a half of being an unemployed job seeker and all the challenges that go along with that, Jane made the transition to full-time employment. She now works for a “new-ish healthcare foundation,” which ties in nicely with her background in the public health sector. The biggest obstacle for Jane during her job search was “keeping hope alive and finding appropriate public health jobs to apply to.”

She learned about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) and signed up for a coach.

“I went to a job seekers meeting and NSCN came up; I registered.  NSCN hooked me up with my career coach, who was immensely helpful. The evening prior to my interview, no one made it to  our small group coaching call, so my coach gave me an hour and a half of help evaluating my responses to possible interview questions! I cannot say enough about what a quality coach I had, my coach had energy and lots of resources to guide. My coach is also an excellent listener and provided meaningful feedback that is worth its weight in gold!”

Jane’s coach offered insight into what set Jane apart and helped her transition into her new job.

“I would have to say that her openness to learn and grow contributed to her success. To step away from the process and seek feedback increased her chances of being hired. Although she had a referral for this job, she was aware of some of her potential shortfalls and willingly addressed them. After roleplaying with a mock interview, she discovered some areas and ways to connect with her interviewer beyond the resume. I believe her ability to build a relationship with her future employer made all the difference and landed her the job.”

Along with being connected with a NSCN volunteer career coach, Jane utilized her personal contacts and Indeed in her job search. In addition, she used the many online resources that NSCN has to offer.

“Also, I did attend a webinar that Michele facilitated, which was excellent.  Michele was a fabulous facilitator, clarifying and distilling points. The NSCN website has a plethora of highly useful resources, which I availed myself of.”

When asked if she had advice to offer other NSCN members, Jane said the following:

“The job hunt needs to be multi-pronged—online (via maximizing one’s LinkedIn profile, joining LinkedIn groups, and responding to others’ comments, searching for jobs on sites like LinkedIn and Indeed) and offline (joining clubs like Toastmasters, groups of interest, and volunteering)—to maximize in-person contacts. LinkedIn is a very powerful tool to find people who work for companies that interest the job seeker, and then finding what groups these people belong to and reaching out to them. It’s very important for the search to be strategic. As my coach told our group of job seekers, for example, every Monday, focus on building contacts online and sending letters, Tuesday can be for meeting with contacts, etc.—not looking for a job online 24/7.”

Jane shared her thoughts on her NSCN experience.

“You all have nailed this! I am eternally grateful to NSCN for your support in helping me land a job. NSCN is a top-flight operation with a strong model to help job seekers maximize their opportunities for landing a job—I think your model is outstanding! Thank you so much for your extraordinary support, guidance, and resources. If I had to make one suggestion, perhaps it would be to market yourselves more widely—and if you need more quality coaches, reach out to those organizations in which they partake."