NSCN Member Success Story: Jim

The NSCN Resilience Group and working with an NSCN Volunteer Career Coach helped Jim find a new career opportunity.

Jim came across information about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) while conducting research for his job search and became an NSCN member.

Jim stated “I used the Resilience Group members as a sounding stage for both my job hunting, in technique, good practices and the frustrations.”  (NSCN’s Resilience Group is a weekly online job seeker support group facilitated by two NSCN Volunteer Career Coaches. See below for more information.)

Jim’s volunteer career coach Sandra shared the following about her work with him, “He was open to doing a multi-pronged approach:  He was going to seek out positions that were specifically in his wheelhouse, those that tapped his esoteric skills around the copy center space, but because he really needed a regular income and benefits, he also was applying for positions which were more jobs than career moves.  He cast a wider net than some others might.  Plus, he is an agreeable, warm, affable guy – never hurts! “

Jim was unemployed for 11 months. He shares that the most challenging part of her job search was, “Staying focused on looking for a job!”

Jim recently landed a job as a Graphic Designer, Pre-press, Print and Post-Press Tech in a large format print shop.  His new job is in the same industry as he worked in previously.  His former job was as a manager of a print and copy center.  Jim shares that his new position is, “a side step, previous I was only involved with small format paper printing.”

Jim added, “This job came to me out of the blue after making contact with my employer at the start of my unemployment.”

As Jim returns to work, he offers this advice to other individuals who are searching for work, “I found networking very hard and counterintuitive to how I have always gotten jobs in the past, but it is unfortunately true that it is who you know not what you know that gets you in the door these days.” Jim recommends that NSCN members, “Make contacts! You never know who is going to talk to who and they may be talking about you.”

Note: The Resilience Group is a weekly online group facilitated by two NSCN Volunteer Coaches, John and Mike. The group provides support for the mental/emotional aspects of job search and helps members develop their resilience in dealing with various challenges. They are currently on hiatus for the summer, but NSCN will be starting new groups in the fall and will be recruiting for members then.