NSCN Member Success Story: Joe

Read how Joe's persistence and help from his coach landed him a job!

Joe first learned about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) while attending a Professional Service Group (PSG) of Mercer County meeting, where Maria Heidkamp was presenting, at the Princeton Public Library. He decided to join NSCN, and signed up to be matched with a Volunteer Career Coach.

Joe began working with his coach, and after 12 months of being unemployed, was able to find a position that fit his background and qualifications. His job search was not without challenges, and he found the most difficult part to be, “staying persistent when it did not seem as if the search was moving forward.” Besides the “great coaching from my volunteer career coach,” Joe periodically attended NSCN’s webinars, and networked with his personal contacts as well as new contacts he had made.

Through this networking experience, he learned that, “new contacts seemed to be more willing to help.”

Joe’s coach felt fortunate to work with him, and shared some thoughts on his success.

“Joe did all of the heavy lifting and I believe his success in finding a job was because he was committed to the process. He kept his resume updated, remained active on LinkedIn, joined a networking group, and followed up after job interviews. Also, Joe had a willingness to try things that didn’t directly correlate to finding a full-time job, but would keep him busy and help him acquire new contacts (i.e., becoming an adjunct, presenting at a conference, and developing a business proposal).” 

With previous experience as a dean, he was able to find a job where he can utilize his knowledge of higher education to help his new employer.

“I will be working with the leadership team at a community college to help them move forward in the higher education industry.”

Joe had previously interviewed with the president at the college, and although he had not yet heard if he received that job, he continued to email the president articles that he thought were interesting. By maintaining this contact, when a new position was created, the college quickly thought of Joe, knew he would be a perfect fit, and called to make him an offer.

Joe has the following advice for NSCN members who are searching for a good fit with a position and employer: “STAY persistent and focused; network!"