NSCN Member Success Story: Julie

Julie's inspirational story of finding new work after seven years of unemployment

For many years, Julie had enjoyed a successful career in both investor relations and in the television and film industry. Unfortunately, like so many others, Julie lost her job when the Great Recession hit. In fact, she had been unemployed for seven years when she read about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) in her local newspaper. Intrigued by NSCN and determined to get back to work, Julie joined NSCN shortly after its launch in the fall of 2015.  

Julie was paired with one of NSCN’s Volunteer Career Coaches. As Julie shares, “A counselor drove to my hometown, sat down with me one-on-one for an hour, and helped me feel more confident about the awkwardness of the job search.” Additionally, Julie and her coach restructured Julie’s résumé to focus on her diverse background. They also broadened Julie’s job search to include more online job search engines. Her coach shares, “I believe that the rapport between the job seeker and volunteer coach is integral for job seekers that have struggled with long-term unemployment. I believe that Julie was successful not only for her ability to persevere, but also for her willingness to be open to the information and support that I provided to her. I believe that my ability to listen, provide encouragement, and other resources really helped Julie during her job search.”  

Julie is thankful for her coach’s commitment both to her and to her success. She is most appreciative of her coach’s consistency in following up with her. Each week, the coach would email Julie to help keep her on track and hold her accountable for the various steps that they had agreed to in Julie’s job search.  

Julie’s hard work has paid off as she was recently hired as an administrative assistant for a major employer. While it means starting a new career and working her way up professionally, she doesn’t view these things as negatives. Rather, she’s grateful that she’s not only found work, but also thankful for the assistance that NSCN provided her.