NSCN Member Success Story: Theresa

Consuming as many services, resources and advice as possible helped Theresa find a new career opportunity.

Theresa worked in IT with the same employer for 25 years, providing training, user support, and administration of different data systems, when she found herself unemployed and looking for work. After hearing about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) through the Professional Service Group Central New Jersey (PSGCNJ), Theresa became an NSCN member. She found it most helpful that NSCN showed her the best practices, critical strategies, skills, and techniques required to navigate today’s job market.

Theresa was unemployed for 14 months. She shares that the most challenging part of her job search was identifying and connecting with hiring managers and securing in-person interviews.  Theresa notes that for some job seekers, “a career course correction is required, but not always; for me, I consumed as many services, resources, and advice available: RightManagement, ReadyToWork, PSGCNJ, LandFaster, NSCN, and AVTECH. All of my efforts moved me towards employment allowing enough time to pass that this job opportunity found me.”

She spent six months with an outplacement firm and eight months volunteering on the training committee with PSGCNJ. During this time she also attended AVTECH Institute of Technology, updating her skill set, and worked for three months with her NSCN Volunteer Career Coach, Ruth.  “Working with a NSCN Career Coach boosted my confidence and helped me gain a greater sense of control in my job search so that I could leap forward into my future!”

During her last week at AVTECH, Theresa received an ad from an employment agency through AVTECH’s job board. She notes, “The job description was vague, but the words ‘Direct Hire’ caught my attention.” Her response to the ad led to a phone and in-person interview with the agency, several in-person interviews with the employer, and ultimately a job offer as a Business Systems Analyst in the sports and entertainment industry, a position that fits nicely with her IT background.

Theresa states, “Success happens when and where you least expect it. To my delight, the employer was in my industry, close to home; the position was newly created and I will be their first Business Systems Analyst!” As Theresa returns to work, she offers this advice to other NSCN members who are searching for work: “Never stop growing a useful professional network, ask for help if you need it, and dedicate yourself to do something that moves you towards employment.”