NSCN Member Success Story: Laura

Laura's story of unemployment and returning to work

Laura had enjoyed a career in business development before becoming unemployed three years ago. She learned about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) through a Brookdale displaced homemaker initiative and decided to join the Network and apply for a Volunteer Career Coach. Since losing her job, Laura found it challenging to concentrate and have self-confidence. She soon started working with her coach, who was honest, supportive, and held her accountable for her own job search. Laura feels indebted to her coach for validating her intuition and bolstering her self-confidence, which helped her find a job that fit well with her background. Laura appreciated that working with NSCN provided her with focus, validation, one-on-one interactive support, and a strategy that made her feel like she was being taken seriously. Laura’s advice for other NSCN members: “Stick with it. Listen to your mentor/coach. Be honest, willing, and remember there is a bigger plan at work.”  

Because of her work with her NSCN Volunteer Career Coach, she had the confidence to pitch her services at the right time, and was able to find the ideal job; she was recently hired to do business development and marketing consulting for a doctor. According to her coach, Laura was a terrific client. “She was honest about the challenges she faced and motivated to adhere to her mission of independence," the coach describes. "She was diligent about doing assignments. She didn’t just take advice but she would see how that would/could work for her or not. She was able to craft a path for herself.”