NSCN Member Success Story: Letter From a Job Seeker

This letter was received from a NSCN Job Seekers who, with the help of her NSCN Volunteer Career Coach and the resources available on the NSCN website, just landed a full-time position.

Hello Maria.

I have been working with an incredible mentor for several months. As we neared the end of our official relationship, I received good news. I was offered a job--copy editor at a medical publisher--which I accepted.

I wanted to tell you the good news because without my coach and the comprehensive information on the NSCN website, I wouldn't have been able to achieve my career goal--to land a full-time job with benefits in my chosen field of publishing. At 56 years old, and after more than a decade since I last wrote or edited anything, I was sure my chances of re-entering publishing were dismal. Not so! My coach took me through the journey step by step, from revising my resume, to refreshing my skills. She was always in my corner and I am so thankful to NSCN for introducing us. 

It's been a long haul, and at times I was very despondent, as I saw my financial situation deteriorate. My future looked grim. Now, however, it's bright! 

I don't believe I can thank you or my coach enough. Just know that I am forever grateful.