NSCN Member Success Story: Lucius

Lucius was driven and persistent in his job search, and it paid off. Read how working with a coach was helpful to his search.

Lucius participated in a Philadelphia area mentor group, and when someone who was in attendance told him about the New Start Career Network (NSCN), he joined. He began working with a NSCN volunteer coach, who encouraged him to stay active in his job search. Lucius’s coach was “immediately impressed with Lucius’s strong personal presence—he was focused, energized, and committed. Although his confidence was shaken after months of job search, he exuded determination and I admired his persistence and openness to try new approaches.”
Lucius was able to benefit from his coach’s ability to organize and track his employment objectives. Of that experience he said, “It was great having a sounding board to engage with on a weekly basis to keep me on track. I felt that having someone give me assignments and tasks really kept me focused.” According to his coach, Lucius “vigorously pursued opportunities through job boards/recruiters and refreshed his profile and resume on various sites. He strengthened his connections via networking by reconnecting with former supervisors and colleagues.”
In addition to his NSCN coach’s recommendations, Lucius took advantage of the many online tools that NSCN offers, as well as resume assistance, which he says was a “great help in getting my resume restructured.”
After being unemployed for nearly 10 months, Lucius accepted a job as an IT Project Manager for an advertising company. Although this is a new industry for him, he is able to apply experience from his IT background. He credits finding this job in part to luck, as he was contacted by a recruiter he had worked with previously, but he notes that his diligence also played a role. “A new tactic I used to repost my resume to job boards once a month alerted the recruiter to the fact that I was still in the job market.”
Lucius’s coach felt honored to work with him. “He is highly intelligent, very qualified, experienced, and capable.”
“Being able to clearly articulate what I do as a profession” may have been the most challenging part of the job search for Lucius, who added that he “received many inquiries that didn’t align with my skillset.” He offers this advice to NSCN members: “No matter how frustrating it gets, never give up, as things happen when you least expect them. Be open to trying different tactics as part of your search and don’t sit in your house all day applying to jobs. Be sure to get out and speak to people and stay engaged.”