NSCN Member Success Story: Michele

A willingness to step out of her comfort zone and to follow advice were key to Michele finding a new job.

Michele had been employed as a director at an insurance company when she lost her job. While unemployed, she began volunteering at Dress for Success where she met some new friends. One of those friends told her about NSCN and its services. Michele soon joined NSCN and requested help from one of NSCN’s Volunteer Career Coaches.

She credits working with her Volunteer Career Coach Sasi and other mentors and coaches as being instrumental in helping her on her journey to reemployment. Michele shares that Sasi helped her to hone her focus on a career path that would align with her skills and passion.

Volunteer Career Coach Sasi initially worked with Michele to reset her expectations, and then focused on her strengths, with an emphasis on ways to match Michele’s strengths with what the job market needed. Michele pursued the ideas she was given, worked on her résumés, and then started landing job interviews. 

Michele believes that some of the most challenging aspects of her job search were the interviewing process, modifying her résumés, and determining which career resources she should use. As someone who is somewhat introverted, she had to force herself out of her comfort zone during her job search. She did so by networking, and joining and participating in a variety of nonprofit organizations such as Dress for Success, Toastmasters, and Project Management Professionals in New Jersey. She also participated in NSCN’s webinars on job search and interview preparation, which she found to be quite useful in her job search.

Michele was out of work for over two years when she landed a position as a Software Product Business Architect Software Manager for a major global services company.

Michele has some advice for others who are seeking employment: “Don’t give up! You must step out of your comfort zone and do things differently. You must narrow your focus on the skills and positions where you will be the most successful and have the most passion.” She says that once job seekers have identified the career path they want to pursue, they should conduct research on that career path, learn the necessary technology, and learn as much as possible about their prospective fields so that they can prosper in those jobs.

Note: NSCN has a partnership with Dress for Success in New Jersey, which has locations in northern New Jersey, Mercer County, central New Jersey, and Hudson County.