NSCN Member Success Story: Noel

Noel landed a job after 13 months of searching for the right position, thanks to guidance from his NSCN coach and his determination.

Noel’s initial job search focused on Rutgers University, and while doing research, he saw references to New Start Career Network (NSCN). After reading about NSCN, he realized that having a volunteer career coach could be beneficial to his job search, and is the primary reason he decided to become a NSCN member.
NSCN was able to assist him with his job search in a variety of ways. According to Noel, “NSCN’s various online resources, including the webinars, as well as job fairs and other live events, all laid their own unique stepping stones in my job search process.”
In addition to NSCN, Noel utilized “all the usual tools” in his job search – including the many different services offered by the New Jersey Department of Labor, and he always put a strong emphasis on networking.  But, Noel credits his coach as being his most valuable asset.
“Getting a coach was probably the smartest thing I did for my job search success! It’s my opinion that having an experienced and empathetic person providing alternative perspectives, feedback, and support is of immeasurable value,” he said, adding: “If this was poker, my coach was a ‘royal flush!’”
Noel’s coach felt his openness to hearing things in a new way was a great strength that helped him in making the transition to a new job. “Noel was open to receiving a new perspective—to considering his life in a new way. I think that's a major key to how quickly a member moves toward their goal(s).”
After 13 months of searching for the job that best suited him (and dealing with frustration and burnout along the way), Noel landed himself a position with a national provider of telecommunications infrastructure, where he will have an opportunity to do mechanical and blueprint drafting using AutoCAD and other specialized software. Noel shared some thoughts on how he made a career transition:
“My career experience since college was as a hands-on technical person in various departments of the magazine publishing industry, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction throughout. I was able to convince the employer how my personal interests and inclinations, although untapped from actual work experience, can clearly translate into the type of work they do. Also, how my transferable communication skills would serve them well.”
Though he saw this job posted with the Monmouth County One Stop Career Center, he reached out directly to the company to apply, and he believes that his short and compelling cover letter is what got him in the door for an interview.
His advice for NSCN members who are searching for their ideal jobs, and may be dealing with the same challenges, would be, “Sign up for a coach now! Build a rapport with your coach, who in the best of circumstances will make YOU their number one fan!"