NSCN Member Success Story: Robert

Read Robert's story about his transition into employment with the help of a NSCN career coach.

Like many other New Start Career Network (NSCN) members who are looking to transition into a new position, Robert faced challenges during his job search. The most challenging aspect of this process, for him, was dealing with feelings of futility and discouragement as time passed.
“I began with much optimism and a belief that I would find a great job within four to six months because of my employment history, accomplishments, and professional network” he said but, “Remaining motivated, focused, and productive became increasingly more difficult.”
About nine months into his search, Robert heard mention of NSCN in a television commercial, did some research, and decided to reach out and become a member. At this point in his search, he was nine months into his unemployment and had already participated in other career counseling and networking activities. “I was feeling that I had reached an impasse in my search and was losing motivation. I was specifically interested in being matched with a career coach to help keep me engaged and accountable in my search process.”
Once Robert was matched with his career coach, they checked in by phone with each other on a weekly basis. “I would recount my activity during the last week and intentions for the coming week. My coach acted as a sounding board, and gentle prod when necessary, to keep me networking and searching for leads,” he shared.
Robert’s coach expressed that Robert’s focus played an active role in his job search, “The biggest thing for Robert was process. He had a very systematic approach and did not get distracted. To be honest, I just gave him a sounding board.”
After a full year of searching for permanent, full-time employment, Robert transitioned to a new job as a senior product manager for an established software company known for innovations in imaging, speech recognition, and artificial intelligence technologies. He will be responsible for further developing and marketing the company’s automotive industry platform.
Robert’s previous experience has been in various marketing and product management positions for an automotive manufacturer. “My focus during recent years has been on the ‘connected car’ space, where automobiles, drivers, mobile technologies, and data converge.” From an occupational skills perspective, the general nature of the work he will be doing in his new position has much in common with work he’s done previously, including research and product strategy planning, marketing, and relationship management, but “the big difference is that my role in the supply chain has essentially changed from user of services to supplier of services. My ‘other side’ experience helped position me as someone uniquely capable of building effective relationships with my new employer’s customers.”
When asked if he had advice for other NSCN members, Robert said, “Not all job seekers need the same assistance. Schedule a call or meeting with NSCN to discuss your work background, experience, and knowledge related to job searching, and to identify which of NSCN’s resources may be most valuable to you.”