NSCN Member Success Story: Roger

NSCN job seeker Roger was able to transition into full-time employment after being underemployed for nine years. He accomplished this with attributes like attention to detail, determination, and open mind. He also received assistance from his NSCN career coach.

Roger learned about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) at a Northern New Jersey Professionals in Transition meeting in Maplewood, N.J. He decided to join and thought he could benefit from some career coaching offered by NSCN
“In my job search for the last four years, I was mostly ‘addicted’ to applying online, which I felt kept me from doing a lot of the other job searching activities like networking, communicating with people on LinkedIn, going to professional group meetings, and informational interviewing.”
“Working with a NSCN Volunteer Career Coach gave me valuable insight into job hunting techniques other than applying for jobs online, and the advice that my coach gave me was quite helpful. My coach’s advice on volunteering led me to start writing publicly for the South Orange Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs.”
With the help of the NSCN, his volunteer experiences and other help along the way, Roger has successfully transitioned into a position with a New Jersey law firm.  This job is in a new field, as his last two positions were in the fields of retail and publishing. “I’ll be working in the mailroom and hospitality department and assisting other departments in the firm if needs arise. In my recent job search, I kept my mind open to everything.”
Roger’s coach shared that he was a pleasure to work with and that his positive attributes not only served him well through his job search, but will also be an asset to him in his new position.
“Roger is the professional every coach dreams of supporting. His determination, attention to detail, and openness to try different approaches was on display throughout the process. Everything that was suggested to Roger, from logging resume submissions to cold calling, he approached with a professional and positive attitude. His preparedness and follow through on suggestions and plans created a space that any and every idea could be explored. These attributes will continue to support Roger in his new endeavor.”
Prior to becoming unemployed in April 2008, Roger worked as a research associate at a publishing company, and then took a part-time job during his job search.
“I got a part-time retail job in late August 2008, so I was underemployed for nearly nine years before getting my new job.”
Roger offers advice to NSCN members who are looking for their next occupation: “My advice to other NSCN members is to find and make the most of all the resources that they can in looking for jobs, to never give up, to keep their minds open to different kinds of jobs, and not be shy about trying new job searching techniques.”