NSCN Member Success Story: Sharon

Networking helped Sharon find a job, and NSCN helped her maintain a positive outlook.

Sharon had endured nearly two years of unemployment when she saw an ad for the New Start Career Network (NSCN). “I was applying for jobs on the Rutgers website, and NSCN was mentioned, so I thought I should check it out. I’m glad I did.”

When asked about the challenges of her job search, Sharon said, “Not hearing back after interviewing was probably the most frustrating experience.” But she added that NSCN helped her maintain a positive outlook, as well as meet new people. She praises NSCN for being committed to helping people get back into the workforce by ensuring they have a variety of tools to assist them.

Through her networking efforts and personal contacts, Sharon was able to land a position as an administrative assistant to a dean and an assistant dean within a community college, “I was referred by a friend who works at the college. Networking works.” The position fits well with her background, and she added that “the level of this position is higher than the one I had previously in this industry” a decade earlier.

Her advice for NSCN members:  “Don’t give up. It can happen when you least expect it. Work at remaining positive.”