NSCN Member Success Story: Steve

Read how Steve's dedication to the job search helped him land a job!

Steve was unemployed close to half a year when he first heard about New Start Career Network (NSCN) from two of the networking groups he was attending, one of which is PSG of Mercer County. He decided to join and was connected with a volunteer-career-coach-led small networking group. Although brief, his experience working with a coach allowed him to connect on a personal level with the coach as well as other job seekers.
“I only joined NSCN about a month before I found employment, so I was not able to take full advantage of the program. The small networking group led by the volunteer career coach helped me talk through issues I was experiencing with peers and the coach.”
Steve’s coach felt that he contributed a great deal to his own job search success, and lent his knowledge to others in his group.
“Steve came to NSCN with a plan to identify new industry segments for his career search. He leveraged his contacts, networking his experience in marketing for banking into a new job in a credit union. Steve worked with others in our NSCN coaching group to better their networking skills. He shared leads and ideas with other members to improve everyone’s game.”
Steve found some of the obstacles with his job search to be staying focused to keep doing different things and not just going through the job boards. He credits LinkedIn networking as one of the main factors that helped him land his new job.
“Every time I applied to a job, I looked on LinkedIn for contacts (or second degree contacts) in the company and connected with anyone I could find.”
In his new position, Steve will be a marketing manager at a credit union, which is similar to previous jobs he’s had. Prior to landing this job, he worked as a contractor for Verizon Wireless working on the web personalization team.
“This position brings me back into a credit union; I previously worked at a different one about 10 years ago.”
Steve offers the following advice for other NSCN job seekers: “Stay focused, use your network and the NSCN network, and don’t discount job boards—but don’t use them exclusively.”