NSCN Member Success Story: Tom

Read how Tom's time and perseverance paid off as he landed a job in his current industry.

After 14 months of being an unemployed job seeker, Tom landed a job as a manager of global learning and development for the finance division of a leading international consumer credit card company. His new position fits nicely with his background in a similar industry and position. Tom’s job search presented him with obstacles, but he didn’t let them stop his progress.
“Finding the right fit, not receiving offers, and not getting return calls were the most challenging aspects of my job search.”
Tom used many different strategies during his job search, including working with a NSCN Volunteer Career Coach.
“The tools I used were job fairs, LinkedIn, job boards, networking with existing contacts, tradeshows, tracking interviews, and follow-up calls and emails. NSCN helped by connecting me with a career coach, who discussed best practices, strategies, and improvements to my interviewing skills and online profile. Working with the coach allowed me to explore creating my online profile and updating it with relevant industry best practices, trends, and unique keywords.”
Tom’s coach said the following about working with him, “I think Tom was successful because of his time and perseverance. He had quite a few interviews, but always seemed to be a runner up. Eventually he had to come in first.”
NSCN members can benefit from Tom’s advice about what to expect during a job search.
“Be patient and resilient, especially if you are over 50 years of age and have been in a leadership/executive position and have earned greater than $150k. It will take time and you should consider taking a break from the job search every three to four months. I did this and it helped refocus my efforts. Also, consider short-term consulting assignments or teaching at the college level.”