NSCN Member Success Story - Update: Gina

After 15 months of being unemployed, Gina first landed a contract position, with the help of NSCN resources.

After 15 months of being unemployed, Gina first landed a contract position, with the help of NSCN resources like a Volunteer Career Coach and Optimal Resume. While holding this position, she continued to interview and be consistent with her job search. This effort paid off when she recently landed a full-time position, which is what she was hoping for.

Gina shares this about her experience working with a large company, although in a contract position, “It was a great experience and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to work with a global company. I believe that global experience opened a lot of interviewing opportunities for me. Since June, I interviewed with five different companies, including the one who offered me the full-time position.”
She feels that her experience working in a short-term role led her to finding full-time work.
“What I can say to a fellow job seeker is be open to contracting positions. There may be some skills and experiences you can pick up in a short-term role that might better position you for the full-time job you are looking for.”
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