NSCN Member Success Story: Wil

Developing a strategic job search plan and pursuing training helped Wil land a new job.

Wil had been working for a major financial organization when he lost his job. He was looking for employment opportunities on the Rutgers University job board when he noticed a link to the New Start Career Network’s (NSCN) website. After learning about the services and resources that NSCN offers, he became a member. Before long, Wil applied to work with one of NSCN’s Volunteer Career Coaches.
He was paired with NSCN Volunteer Career Coach Joyce. Wil shares, “Applying for a Career Coach with NSCN and receiving all the great advice was the best decision I ever made.” Wil and Joyce spoke every week about his job search progress. He also used their conversations as an opportunity to get advice on ways to improve his job search strategy.
Wil updated his LinkedIn profile and began to make connections with other LinkedIn members. At that time, he had 12 LinkedIn connections. Since October 2017, he has grown his LinkedIn network to over 160 connections. After updating his LinkedIn profile, he utilized Indeed.com and ZipRecruiter to find companies, and then used LinkedIn to search for job openings at those companies. Next, he researched and made contact with human resources (HR) representatives at those companies. His strategy helped him land seven interviews in three months.
Even though Wil had very little HR experience, he understood the HR process and decided to pursue a career in the field. After losing his job in April 2017, he visited his local One-Stop Career Center to review his options and learned about an HR certificate program at the Rutgers Center for Continuing Professional Development. He enrolled in the program, which he completed in November 2017. After completing the certificate, he decided to pursue a degree in Business Management with a concentration in HR.
After being unemployed for nine months, Wil secured a new position in the HR department of a major furniture organization in northern New Jersey. He landed the position after four phone interviews and one in-person panel interview. He is convinced that connecting with HR representatives on LinkedIn, combined with his pursuit of the certificate and a degree, helped him land his new job.
Wil credits his Volunteer Career Coach as being instrumental in his success. He shares that Joyce “provided positive reinforcement on all our communication which allowed me to grow professionally and personally.” Joyce’s weekly feedback enabled him to consider what he could have done better, ways to improve in areas where he felt he might have done poorly, and the next steps to take to refine his job search strategy. Wil says that “NSCN provided me with a career coach who not only supported my career goals but also provided feedback on my résumé, potential jobs, and how they align with my background.”

Wil has some advice for NSCN members who are seeking employment: “If you currently don’t have a career coach and are lost in this overwhelming job search process, I would recommend you apply for one. You will get a very experienced career coach with a background in your field and/or maybe a new field you may decide to pursue like I did.”