NSCN Member Success Story: Elizabeth

Read how keeping an open mind, as well as taking advantage of NSCN Webinars and access to Jobscan helped Elizabeth land a new position.

  • What is your new job?  
Program Coordinator at the Rutgers Law School for the Fellowship Attorney Practice.
  • Is this new job in a different occupation or industry for you? If so, how did you position yourself to make the change? 
Yes, I started looking at any job openings that interested me instead of limiting myself. I learned that I had to open my mind more to gain experience because I had been out of the workforce for so long.
  • What type of career/job did you have before you were unemployed?
Temporary, contract legal worker. I worked for various agencies. I was also a full-time caregiver for ill family members for over 10 years.
  • How long were you unemployed before finding a new job?
I was always working part time as a server in a restaurant to stay afloat, but otherwise seven years.
  • What was most challenging about your job search?
Staying positive. I became very depressed at times.
  • What strategies or tools helped you get this job (online tools, personal contacts, job fairs, etc.)
The New Start Career Network and the One Stop Career Center near me. My sister went there for unemployment compensation. She told me about it and said I should go. I did and went to all the seminars and then I received an email about New Start for mature workers and joined immediately. I had no idea there was a One Stop Career Center that anyone could go to for help.
  • How did you learn about the New Start Career Network (NSCN)?
I received an email.
  • In what ways did NSCN assist you in your job search?
The orientation webinars and Jobscan* were a tremendous help. It taught me how to write resumes and cover letters to gear toward the job description. I used it to the fullest.
  • How did working with a NSCN Career Coach help you professionally and/or personally?
My next step was to sign up with an NSCN Volunteer Career Coach but I found a job.
  • What advice would you give to other NSCN members?
Do not give up and follow the program. Also, reach out for help to New Start. Michele Martin always returned my emails immediately with guidance to my questions.
  • What recommendations would you make to NSCN to better help job seekers?
Assistance for upgrading office and computer skills, maybe short internships that would help people feel more confident.
*We have a limited number of premium Jobscan accounts that we can offer to New Start members for a one-month period.  If you are interested, please contact Michele Martin at [email protected].
Here is a link where you can stay up-to-date with upcoming NSCN webinars - including upcoming orientations to NSCN -  and find recordings of any past webinars that you may have missed including a webinar entitled Learn How to Use Jobscan for Your Job Seach!